About Us

Welcome to Balto, the sports gaming platform made for the casual, everyday fan. We’re thrilled to have you.

As a quick intro, we’re Nick Montana, Spencer Cassidy and Joel Karacozoff, three individuals with a passion for gaming and an affinity for bringing people together. As driven co-founders to deliver the best experience, we’ve set out to create a simple, social and fun gaming interface for all.

With Balto, we want to bring all walks of life to the site while maintaining an inclusive and positive environment that users can connect with their friends, favorite influencers and celebrities in an exciting and competitive manner. Alongside the co-founders, our strategic business partners like Joe Montana (the NFL legend!) have helped pave that way for the site!

We hope you enjoy Balto as much as we do!

Happy gaming,
Balto Squad

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Nick Montana

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Spencer Cassidy

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